Generation Change
The Parkland shooting has sparked a national movement on gun violence, as students across the nation have led hundreds of protests calling for tighter gun regulation to end school shootings. Generation Change is a multimedia presentation by students in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State that takes a closer look at how the gun debate is making an impact in New Jersey.

Tenafly High School Student Calls for Change

Romi Azulay, a student from Tenafly High School, has a passion for politics and has become an outspoken leader for the March for our Lives movement.

A Mother's Loss

Regina Thompson-Jenkins lost her only son to gun violence. While protests are being held all over the country, the memory of her son’s death to senseless gun violence still resonates in her mind. Many families in urban communities are victims of gun violence but their stories are under-reported. This is the story of one mother who refuses to be silenced.

Montclair State Student Voices: School Shootings

In this video, Montclair State University students share their thoughts on school shootings, a threat they are exposed to every day being on a college campus. They also express their concerns about how often school shootings occur, which is something they have grown accustomed to throughout their lives.

Against the Walkout

Connor Wigandt, a junior at Howell High School, talks about why the walkout at his school after the Parkland shooting wasn’t effective. He also shares his opinions on banning guns and stricter laws.


The Youth Movement

On March 24, 2018, Asbury Park held its own March for Our Lives event, which was led mainly by students. Victims’ names from the Parkland shooting were read by students in order to honor the lives lost. Local students and organizers of the march gave their opinions on why gun control is important and a change is needed.

Parkland Meets Newark

Two Parkland students visited Newark, New Jersey to express their concerns about gun violence. The student activists along with Newark student leaders were joined by Mayor Ras Baraka and Superintendent of Newark Public Schools Robert Gregory, who suggested that it is now up to students to make a change.

Further Restrictions or Gun Safety?

Gun For Hire is a shooting range in Woodland Park, New Jersey, where all types of people are welcome to come in and shoot. In this video, the owner, Anthony P. Colandro, and some of his customers talk about the importance of being educated before pulling the trigger on a gun.

Protecting the Youth After Parkland

In wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students have led protests across the U.S. calling for action on gun safety. This video features two marches in Morristown and Montclair, New Jersey, along with the opinions of local student activists.